BTN – Trudeau’s trade failures

Justin Trudeau isn’t just failing on NAFTA and with Trump’s tariffs, he is stepping in it with every trade deal he touches. Listen as Brian explains what is wrong with Trudeau. He also speaks to trade expert Carlo Dade on Trump’s tariffs and past tariffs. Senator Linda Frum on why fellow members of the upper chambers are blocking her bill to block foreign funding in Canada’s elections. Ray Heard on Trudeau’s poll numbers and why they are slipping and Dom Santaguido on what needs to be done to fix the Byward Market.

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  1. This is a mistake by the Liberals, I agree. In the totally pointless Afghanistan war which killed a large number of Canadian soldiers for no good purpose at all, the opposition such as it was and media cut Harper plenty of slack wrapped themselves in the flag stirred patriotic fervour with stunts like the Highway of Heroes. Trudeau as we have seen by the opening salvo of Bezan and today in the House, Liberals will be attacked incessantly over this decision. Dozens killed in Afghan , no downside for Harper; one Mali death and Trudeau will pay personally day after day. The charge that this is a purely political decision is beyond indefensible, it’s crass and politically self serving, a horrible personal denigration. Have any MSM criticized Bezan or Raitt? Liberals would have been better off to take the criticism for abondoning peace keeping, rather than trusting in the patriotism, fairness or decency of either the Opposition or media. Big mistake Trudeau. It will haunt you. Cut the idealism. Every death will be your fault, personally. custom writing

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