Get ready for the media and left wing assault on Doug Ford

Doug Ford walks the crowd at his swearing in ceremony.

Doug Ford wasn’t even sworn in as premier yet and already he was being assessed as bad at keeping promises in an article posted by CBC.

Welcome to the next four years.

While the press gallery shrank during the McGuinty/Wynne years, while fewer outlets sent reporters there, the opposite is about to happen. For the last several years getting news out of Queen’s Park was at times a joke, now every move of Doug Ford will be covered and analyzed.

Gas plants? Bribery trial?

Forget those things and let’s face it, Toronto’s media set were not too keen on reporting on those issues, there is now a government they will want to cover in earnest.

The last time the PCs governed at Queen’s Park it was a non-stop onslaught of protests, often organized by big labour and covered slavishly by the media to present an image of a government not in control.

Doug Ford faced the same thing when he was on Toronto city council.

Even when his brother was doing the right thing, the entire Ford agenda at city hall was targeted by union protests, nuisance left wing law suits and a non-stop media barrage of negative stories.

That didn’t happen to Kathleen Wynne even in the midst of a trial over bribery allegations involving her top people, even as other Liberals were on trial for the gas plant fiasco, those stories were not the constant lead, the constant front page.

Every misstep, real or perceived, will be covered in the Ford era. Every story will be huge.

Fake news will be big as well.

As much as the left likes to claim this is a problem of Donald Trump and America, is there any other way to describe this story that CBC releases on the day of the swearing in?

Ford hasn’t taken office yet and he is being painted as bad at keeping promises by CBC and their problematic Vote Compass tool.

Doug Ford scores low on ability to keep promises, post-election survey suggests

Team behind Vote Compass surveys 20,000 Ontarians on their post-election reflections

First off, this headline and sub-headline make it look like this would be a poll. Only by looking for the information on how the poll was conducted to do you realize that it is not. So what is it?

It is essentially a survey of CBC political readers, who lean to the left much more than the province as a whole.

To get to Vote Compass you have to be a CBC reader, then to be in this survey you have to have participated in the Vote Compass.

CBC may as well have just put up a Poll Daddy survey for all this is worth but it gets the headlines, it helps frame the narrative and this ladies and gentlemen is what Team Ford will be up against for the next four years.