NDP candidate accuses Canadian soldiers of war crimes

Andrea Horwath won't condemn a candidate that accused Canadian soldiers of war crimes.

You’ve likely heard by now that NDP candidate Tasleem Riaz once posted favourably about Adolf Hitler, but did you know she accused Canadian soldiers of war crimes?

The NDP is full of radicals and now the light is being shone on them.

Yet when Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is asked about these radical candidates, time and again she defends them. To Horwath, siding with the NDP platform appears to be the only thing that matters.

So back to Riaz.

This is a woman well known in NDP circles, she spoke at Jack Layton’s funeral. Horwath herself defended Riaz by saying how well she knows the woman running in Scarborough-Agincourt.

“I’ve known Tasleem for some time now. This woman is an activist in the inter-faith community. I find it pretty unbelievable that she would be in any way implicated in anything that’s at all anti-Semitic,” Horwath said Friday morning.

That was in response to the post quoting Hitler favourably on Facebook.

When asked about Riaz claiming Canadian soldiers slaughtered innocent people, Horwath got nervous. He answer was full of stutters.

“I don’t know the reference that you’re particularly speaking about,” Horwath said. “But what I can tell you is this…there are many people who have, who are anti-war activists, for example, who are concerned about international issues and that’s not only New Democrats, that’s people all around the world.”

She then went on to discuss healthcare and care for seniors but never fully addressed the claim.

And that claim is brutal. Here is the screen shot.

An NDP candidate accused Canadian soldiers of slaughtering innocent people.

Canadian soldiers, including people I know, were in Afghanistan fighting on the side of the angels. Does Tasleem Riaz remember who we were fighting? Would she prefer the Taliban in charge? This is the group that subjugated women, that banned girls from going to school. That would have kept Riaz herself from running for office.

And she refers to our soldiers as a “slaughtering machine” and that they “slaughter Men, Women and Children.”

This is a woman that Andrea Horwath defended.

There have always been pacifists in the NDP and CCF before it. There is a difference though in not supporting war and making wild accusations against your own country’s troops.

Riaz actually sounds like she prefers the other side.

Combine that with posting a Hitler quote in a favourable light….this woman cannot be elected.


  • I think Andrea Horwath should do a checklist on her candidates and fire the racist people and maybe send them back to the country they believe are angels.
    For your information there were 158 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, don’t you think the families have gone through enough without listening to these extremists who defend the Taliban.
    N.D.P. will never get my vote.

  • Canada is simply getting what it deserves.

    The Canadian population as a whole no longer has the values of old – the belief in what is right and wrong, no longer stands up to be counted.

    Canada is led by various provincial and federal governments that are cowardly, all inclusive and afraid to actually maintain the once traditional Canadian beliefs.


    Canada can continue on this path and turn into a despotic nation – which eventually it will – it cannot help but do this simply because it is encouraging despotic people to come to Canada, rewarding them with cash and houses, and does not take blonde bi tches like the one on the top of this article and make her walk down the streets of Kabul to see what the real world is like.

    As a soldier who served Canada for 25 years I am now quite open when I say I am completely ashamed of my country and now wish I had never served.

    And I know I am not alone in that thought today. Many of my brothers and sisters agree this country is simply a shell of its once former self.

    So why should we care any more?

    No one else does.

  • But you know, therein lies the reality of our world today. Peoples’ minds being so warped by propaganda from the left that they actually believe these sentiments and back them. I fear for Canada’s future; there is no telling where we are headed with creatures like this running for office.

  • This racist muslim woman should ask why the troops were sent in the first place. Second of all, if she’s not happy in Canada, she has the liberty to move along and go back. She would be able to rebuild a free democracy. NDP, wow, bottom feeders.

  • Obviously she has never visited a war zone.

    A spoiled, arrogant, entitled and smug socialist and nothing more.