NDP candidate wants huge carbon tax

How big of a carbon tax do you want to pay? If Joel Harden, the NDP candidate in Ottawa Centre has his way it will soon be at least $150 a tonne.

That would work out to almost 35 cents a litre in extra tax every time you visit the gas pumps.

This will get expensive.

This information was released by the Progressive Conservatives as part of their ongoing campaign to paint the NDP as radicals. But the information itself comes from the nomination website of Harden himself.

While the website has been taken down, it is still archived.

NDP candidate Joel Harden wants a $150 per tonne carbon tax.

The federal government is only calling for a $50 a tonne carbon tax but that doesn’t mean provinces can’t go higher, Trudeau is just setting the floor.

Harden, a true socialist that claims to be fighting for working class Canadians, wants everyone to pay more. More to fill up your car and more to heat your home.

How much would this cost?

The plan put forward by Harden would add at least $21 a fill-up to a vehicle with a standard 60 litre tank. If you fill up once a week that is $84 to $105 per month. And since nearly 75% of Ontario homes are heated by natural gas, Harden’s plan will add significantly to your bill.

Anyone that looks even a little bit at Harden will know he is a radical on all fronts, not just this carbon tax idea.

Strong backer of sanctuary.

Here is what Harden was saying just the other day on the sanctuary province promise.

Harden went on to call those opposed to Ontario becoming a sanctuary province racists. He also tweeted out information on an Ottawa group that advocates for the sanctuary designation and retweeted No One is Illegal.

No One is Illegal is a radical left wing group that advocates for what amounts to open borders.

Add in his support for BDS and full-throated support for socialism and you get a picture of what kind of man could end up in Andrea Horwath’s cabinet.

Harden’s comments on BDS were made in an interview with The Socialist Worker for crying out loud.

He expressed his support for the Leap Manifesto and shutting down oil, gas and mining jobs across Canada.

I hate to agree with Kathleen Wynne on anything but….

When Wynne says this gang of NDP candidates are too radical she is right. They will make other NDP governments seem conservative and competent by comparison.

The election isn’t over yet. The NDP have not won.

But if they do, these are the types of idea the government will be supporting and the type of people that will be running the show.


  • Offer your liberal friends a deal: you will give them $500 if they can explain how increasing costs to clean industry in Canada while giving the coal powered industry in China a free pass will reduce CO2.
    All the carbon tax will do is drive more of our production to China.
    So more CO2 and real pollution, not less.

  • Canadians are stupid. they will vote for suicide every time. I can’t stand the lack of intellect shown by Canadians any longer.

  • Man, Tommy Douglas and more recently Jack Layton must be spinning in their graves to see the kind of wing nuts as candidates and policies the NDP have now provincially and federally. Pure insanity.

  • The NDP would destroy this country – the liberals are making a serious attempt but the NDP would finish the job.