Justin Trudeau likes China so much he gave them the Philippines

I know the Trudeau government is eager to suck up to China, and the basic dictatorship that Justin has admitted to admiring, but handing over control of other countries seems to be going a bit far.

In a video produced by the Trudeau Liberals to celebrate “Canada-China Year of Tourism,” cabinet minister Bardish Chagger is seen before a white screen with rotating graphics speaking about how great Canada is to visit, how wonderful the relationship with China is and how Trudeau has made Canada’s relationship with China a priority.

That last statement comes just after a graphic appears on the screen showing a map of China coloured in red, like Red China…get it. The bad part is, the red parts of the map representing China include Taiwan and the Philippines.

It may also include parts of India and Nepal, tough to say since it is such a horrible graphic but including Taiwan and the Philippines is a definite no, no.

Why not just China all of the islands in the South China Sea?

Trudeau supporters will be quick to dismiss this as nothing but I don’t think Canadians with ties to those areas will see it that way. I don’t think the governments in Taipei or Manilla will see it that way. But Beijing will be happy!

And remember, this is a Government of Canada produced video, which means it went through an incredibly long and bureaucratic approval process and they still made these mistakes.

A full tip of the hat to Stephen Taylor who noticed this on Twitter.

  • Payback for Duterte for making Justin get his Canadian waste of the Philippine Island.

  • I am sending this information directly to President of Philippines Duterte. Canadian ambassador need to be expelled from Philippines. This is international incident. Remember how Ukraine reacts when someone puts Crimea as part of Russia?

    This is much much worth

  • Though the words “Right” and “Honourable” are part and parcel of the title of Canada’s PMs, I could never address Turdeau using those two words without me feeling the need to puke. I feel like that whenever I hear or read those words associated with that spineless, witless twit. To me, those two words have value and meaning to such a degree that using them, in conjunction with our current PM’s name, would leave me feeling soiled and dirty …and grievously embarrassed. Those words should not, in spite of them being steeped in formality and tradition, be usurped by one so undeserving of them. He is, without a doubt in my mind, the WORST PM that I have ever seen in all of my seventy-one years of existence. Turdeau is severely lacking the integrity to ever be called “Honourable” and as for “Right” well, that’s simply false advertising.

    • Ken Graham you are spot on in your assessment of our current PM! It seems that this current Govt’s screwups have become a weekly news item!

    • EXACTLY!! I could not agree more with your comment. He is an embarrassment, a narcissistic sociopath… a dictator AND A DANGER TO CANADA IN ALL WAYS.


  • Apparently the social studies programs in Ontario and Quebec schools are miserably failing students and have been doing so for years. Trudeau does not know up from down, in from out, left from right, north from south, east from west, ……! I am surprised that he missed putting the Koreas and Japan as being part of China!

  • Ken Graham you are bang on in your assessment of our current PM! It seems that this current Govt’s screwups have become a weekly news item!