Are you parent number one? The Government wants to know!

How would you answer that question, are you parent number one or parent number two?

Most dads would automatically say number two, needed as we are, mothers come first. But this isn’t a theoretical question, this is what federal government employees are now having to do after the Liberal government brought in a new directive on how Service Canada employees must speak to the public.

When CBC broke the story the other day they mentioned that this is not a policy that is about to be introduced, it is in place and as one civil servant told them, it is causing confusion.

“It happens that we talk to people and we ask, ‘What is the name of¬†parent number one?’ People do not understand,” said the official.

I wouldn’t understand either but apparently this confusion is all because some people, a very small minority of activists, find terms like mother and father discriminatory.

Also gone under this new directive, calling someone Mr., Mrs. or Ms. until they tell you that is how they wish to be addressed.

“This avoids portraying a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender,” says a copy of speaking notes prepared for managers and team leaders.¬†“It is important that Service Canada, as an organization, reflects Canada’s diverse population and ensures that the views and interests of Canadians are taken into account when we develop policies, programs, services and initiatives.”

Well what about the millions of Canadians that the current system worked for? Their views don’t count.

If you thought that Justin Trudeau’s peoplekind comment was a joke or a one off then think again. This is how this government thinks.

The budget will have to balance itself because this gang is too busy rewriting the way we speak to each other to worry about fiscal responsibility or any other matter of state.

  • This is nothing but another step in the Marxist effort to destroy the traditional family.

  • This ‘re-languaging’ by Service Canada and the federal government sounds like another version of the ‘University of Toronto-Dr. Jordan Peterson gender-pronouns’ issue: innocuous perhaps — until you think about it. For instance, is this just another way to delete the image of the traditional nuclear family? Will the healthy difference between the sexes become further blurred, and sex-education’ in the schools will become just ‘plumbing-education’? “Vive la difference”,
    I say!

  • Here’s a point of becoming rediculess in July I’m not sure what the term “Grass Fed Beef” will mean?

  • I am not parent 1 or 2. I am a female, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and Called Mrs. I am offended that you are trying to take my identity away from me. This has been my identity for 50 years and will remain so until my death and beyond.

  • This is absolutely absurd. I am a woman and very proud of it. To be called anything else is an insult. Canada was built on Christian values and all these values have disappeared. Adam and Eve were called man and woman so why do we need to change the course of history

  • I am a woman, a wife, Mother of 10. Grandmother of 37.Great grandmotherof 87. And very happy and thankful to be known by those names,

  • Another dictating gender destroying ploy by an idiot pm who because doesnt have any balls decides that what he thinks is right. Time to step down you genderless idiot and letva real man or woman run this country with the values canadians fought for. Such a disgrace.