Trudeau lies to schoolchildren, gets caught

PM Justin Trudeau doesn't want to say what a carbon tax will cost you.

Justin Trudeau told a flat out lie to a group of schoolchildren visiting Parliament Hill this week.

Trudeau stopped to speak to a school group touring Centre Block on Parliament Hill when he offered some words about decorum in the House that were caught on camera.

“We try and stay, you know, serious and respectful. They like to shout. That’s something that happens naturally in opposition,” Trudeau said.

Of course that is a bit rich coming from the prime minister who has a history of losing his temper.

Trudeau famously called then Environment Minister Peter Kent “a piece of shit” while sitting in the House of Commons.

There was also the famous elbow to the breast of New Democrat MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau and manhandling of Conservative MP Gord Brown.

That incident happened because the opposition wasn’t moving fast enough for Trudeau’s liking to get to a vote. No rules of the House had been broken, they were just taking their sweet time.

So he showed how he was “serious and respectful” by shoving people around.

More recently Trudeau referred to the opposition as a group of ambulance chasers for asking questions about the treatment of a child killer in prison.

His feminist government picks on women.

And his finance minister and immigration minister proved that the Trudeau government is not only “serious and respectful” but also fully feminist by calling two women elected to high office names.

Bill Morneau called Conservative MP Lisa Raitt a neanderthal for questioning government policy while Ahmed Hussen called Ontario cabinet minister Lisa MacLeod unCanadian for doing the same.

Michelle Rempel has been told to smile more while asking the government serious questions on the floor of the House of Commons.

Several MPs have told me that in addition to the usual heckling of the opposition by the government during Question Period, Liberal MPs, including the prime minister, have stuck their tongues out while making rude gestures.

That is what qualifies as “serious and respectful” to Justin Trudeau.

Justin’s positive politics.

Just like Trudeau’s claim that he will only do positive politics, his words to the schoolchildren were a lie.

Plain and simple, a lie.

Trudeau likes to play the aw shucks nice guy. The man that, as my grandmother used to say, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He’s so cool, calm and collected.

Except he’s not.

He’s a moralizing man with a mean streak.

Eventually, when people compare his words to his actions, voters will catch on.