Korea’s summit and Trump’s win

When the mainstream media isn’t telling you why Trump doesn’t deserve credit for the Korean summit, or telling you why it isn’t much of an achievement, you might hear Reagan’s old line, “Trust but verify.”

That line from Reagan is about the best backhanded compliment that the liberal media can give Trump, they are effectively saying that maybe he did something good here but let’s not get carried away.

I’ve been using the line myself but not to denigrate what Trump did in forcing both sides, but really North Korea, to the table, but because I don’t trust Kim Jong-Un as far as I can throw him. That doesn’t mean this summit and what has come out of it shouldn’t be welcomed, it just means let’s be cautious.

Let’s remember what the liberal media was telling us all last summer when President Trump promised “fire and fury” would rain down upon North Korea if they launched missiles at the United States or their allies. Trump was responding to threats by the North Koreans, threats that included the possibility of hitting any city in North America.

Yet Trump was treated like the aggressor by Western Media.

We were told that Trump was about to tweet us all into World War 3 any day now, that he was a hot head in a cold war and couldn’t be trusted. By the time the Winter Olympics rolled around the North Koreans were making peace overtures and yet the media still praised the North Koreans and attacked Trump and his vice-president, Mike Pence.

Can you honestly say that without Trump standing up to a supposed strongman and bully like Kim Jong-Un that we would be here today talking about a peace summit?

There is much left to be done and as I said, we can’t trust the North Korean regime but I still think there is reason to be hopeful and for Trump to keep up the pressure.

Is this a Berlin Wall moment? Could be, listen to my conversation on that with Geoffrey Johnston, the international affairs columnist for the Kingston Whig-Standard.