Trudeau vs Trump on foreign policy – advantage Trump

When Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government declared “Canada’s back” after their triumphant election victory in 2015, they never really explained what that meant.

Now we know. Canada is back to being a sycophantic country that doesn’t challenge the world order to be better, it just accepts it – terrorists, mullahs, and all.

As much as it might pain Canada’s left-wing intelligentsia, they should compare Trudeau’s mediocre track record after two years to Donald Trump’s record after one. Hell, why not just since Trump’s first tweet of 2018?

While Trump has pulled funding from those giving safe haven to terrorists, Trudeau’s government is funding such groups. While Trump has openly cheered and offered support for Iranian reformers, the feminist Trudeau has been silent on the issue as women take off their hijabs in defiance of the mullahs and call for reform.

And while Trudeau frets about the “fundamental irresponsibility” of using a word like crazy to describe Kim Jong Un, Trump’s bombast is one of the reasons North Korea is seeking talks with the South for the first time in several years.

I know mostly what is reported about the US president is all about Russia and collusion or the latest circus around a book and who said what. It would be ridiculous to pretend the circus isn’t real but it is equally ridiculous not to acknowledge that Trump is getting important things done, including on the world stage.

Forget the disdain with which much of the diplomatic core and the glitterati hold Trump. Let’s look at the record.

Trump’s first tweet of 2018 wasn’t a personal attack aimed at an enemy or the media, it was a tweet about a serious policy issue of vital importance to middle America. Why on earth is America funding Pakistan when that country harbours terrorists.

“The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years,” Trump wrote, “and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”

Days later it was announced that the United States was withholding more than $900 million in funding until Pakistan took concrete action to deal with the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network, both of which use Pakistan to launch operations.

By comparison, Trudeau reversed a decision of the previous Harper government to cut off funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. The supposedly neutral UN agency has been far too cozy with the terrorist group Hamas for far too long.

Weapons, including rockets used to strike Israeli civilians, were found stored in UNRWA schools and hospitals, those very same locations were even used to launch rocket attacks on Israel.

Yet despite evidence that the ties between those running UNRWA and Hamas remain strong, Trudeau agreed to reinstate funding and pledged $25 million of your tax dollars to a terrorist connected body.

Trudeau has made the United Nations a focal point of Canadian foreign policy, heaping more of your cash and plenty of praise on the global body while not demanding any reform. Compare that to Trump, pushing for and achieving, a $285 million US funding cut to the UN and the beginning of some reforms at UN HQ.

While Trump seeks to be a disruptor that changes the way our dysfunctional world order operates, Trudeau seeks to not rock the boat lest he lose his real prize, the coveted UN Security Council seat.

It seems “Canada’s back” simply means abandoning fundamental principles for Trudeau’s self-aggrandisement.

  • Thanks for keeping us informed Brian,let’s hope Trudeau is a one term PM,we can’t afford another term with him in office.

  • How disappointing that so many naive Canadians (assisted by George Soros’ millions) voted for this Marxist globalist Justin Trudeau, who campaigned that Canada was a post-national state. Did anyone actually know what this term meant? It means our country has no borders. It means that he has approved 300,000 ex-pats from Hong Kong can now vote although they will never live in this country. It means that who ever passes through our border will now have expedited citizenship so they can vote likely Liberal. It means that our destiny will be determined by the Arab-controlled UN to satisfy Trudeau’s ego for a seat on the Security Council for 2 years (BTW they voted for Peru, not Canada so that sucks, doesn’t it? since it cost taxpayers billions in foreign aid)

  • Politicians never explain their slogans and the people cheer notwithstanding. It sickens me, however, the fact remains that we get the government we deserve. P. Trudeau, PM, stated (paraphrasing)Canadians want to be taken care of from cradle to grave. My generation failed, it appears, to take his statement as a challenge it is so much easier to be “offended”. Fast forward to the present and we have his son, who in my opinion, brings in legislation and supports causes that, at one time, would have been deemed counter to Canadian law and sensibilities. My generation was given fair warning by his father. We were young and encouraged to remain that way as the youth culture was the value of the day. We now reap the consequences of buying into group identity. I doubt our hope lies with a “new” leader, it lies with each one us and in our courage to get educated rather than indoctrinated and to live our lives responsibly. Just sayin…..