Sophie blames staff for those outfits in India

I’m not a fan of talking about political spouses, their name was not on the ballot, they were not the ones that the public voted for and they are not the ones in charge of government policy. I stand by that policy with rare exception, such as when a political spouse puts themselves out there to push government policy.

Aileen Chretien shunned the limelight as did Sheila Martin. Laureen Harper restricted herself to charity work. For the most part Sophie Trudeau is sticking to charity work and I applaud her for that.

But on Tuesday she gave an interview to Don Martin on his CTV show Power Play. She was speaking about Walk In Her Shoes, a worthwhile project from Care Canada. During the interview she spoke of the budget and spending on foreign affairs as “we” defending her husbands budget. That’s not a biggie and neither is her saying that she didn’t know Jaspal Atwal when she posed for a photo with him.

I normally give politicians the benefit of the doubt on these photo incidents. At an event they can’t do a background check on every person that comes up and asks for a photo. It happens to me all the time and I oblige and don’t ask for a background check, I wouldn’t expect Sophie Gregoire Trudeau to do one either. Her husband, he actually knows Atwal, has met him several times, calls him “Jas,” and has no excuse.

Now as for the clothes in India, Sophie wanted us all to know that she was just listening to staff on what to wear.

“When you are on official trips  it’s not a vacation,it is serious work,” Sophie said. “On official trips you listen to officials who guide you in also clothing choices because there are places where you need your head covered for example or whatever it is and I listen to the professionals.”

You can watch the whole interview below and the interesting part begins at the 4 minute mark.

But do you really believe that Sophie was just listening to officials? I don’t! She also said in the same interview she was trying to showcase Canadian designers, designers that employ Syrian refugees.

I think it is great that Ms. Gregoire Trudeau showcases Canadian designers. It is wonderful. But don’t try and pull a fast one on Canadians and tell us that it was officials saying that they advised that she, her husband and children all be dressed in colour coordinated matching outfits that changed at every photo-op.

It’s simply not believable.


  • That fickle finger of blame is growing longer and longer. One could equate it to Pinnochio’s nose!

    • We also have to remember that CTV News whoever it is reporting it is slanted in the direction of the Liberals.

  • blah blah blah, blame everyone else, quit spending money. And you are right, right now we are lucky here, however if you guys dont change your spending habits and change wishlist to jobs for everyone instead of losing 88,000 jobs in January.

  • Why is she calling women, human being and mankind especially when her husband uses other terminology. I guess gender neutral does not apply to her
    She was an insult to us Indians., also an embarrassment

  • So, let me get this straight, the officials told her to dress her family in attire more Indian than Indians wear and she thought she should follow their advice. What about her husband dancing around like a clown, did they tell him to do that and how about all of them clasping their hands together everywhere they went like they went overboard with the Crazy Glue.

    • Even the kids seemed to have more sense, I got a kick out of them. The oldest one had an expression on his face that said he would rather be anywhere else, and not doing all that stupid posing, lol!!

  • BOTH these dimwitted naraccists NEVER accept responsibility for what they do!! I AM SO SICK OF THESE FOOLS BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR THEIR INEPTUDE. All they do is parade around the world looking for adoring fans!! Peabrianed mentally challenged fools.

  • Jhadi Justin isn’t just a global clown. His immigration policies pose an existential threat to Canada. If he gets a second term he will turn Canada into something that looks far more like Pakistan than a Western nation.

    • If it was work why was his family there he is getting paid to represent CANADA not vacationing with his family on Canadians hard earning money. They were an embarrassment to Canada. Who is paying for HIS family??? we are. He should be paying for his own family trips on his own and not taking family. When is he going to start paying and taking responsibility for his own vacations and start representing Canada the right way.

  • listen to this SELF CONFIDENCE ..from someone who obviously suffers from an identity crisis …. speaks as though she was truth incarnated …obviously her audience is the naive, the uninformed and the vulnerable YUK , Get them off the stage , the ragdoll and the lamebrain

  • Time goes on and they can’t blame Harper for everything anymore. They are just going to show Canada more and more how bad they are.

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