Trudeau not ready to deal with growing illegal immigration problem

If you were to ask most Canadians about illegal immigration into this country, they wouldn’t have a clue. And if they did know anything about it, they would likely think it was something that happened last year with people fleeing Donald Trump.

Truth is, the problem of illegal immigration continues, and is actually getting worse, even if most of the country isn’t paying attention.

In the first two months of this year 3,082 people crossed into Canada illegally, almost all of them, 2,944, came through Quebec.

Over the Easter weekend there were nearly 600 people that crossed into Canada at one spot, Roxham Road. The now infamous spot isn’t a legal border crossing. In fact the roads leading up to the border, on both sides, are dead ends.

Yet so many people have crossed over from New York State into Quebec that the RCMP now has permanent infrastructure there. The last federal budget added $173 million to process these claims quicker under the guise of “securing the border.”

The only thing that money will secure will be the jobs of the bureaucrats hired to do the processing.

This is not an issue the Trudeau government is prepared to deal with in any serious way.

We have always had¬† what the government calls “irregular crossings” but not anywhere near the numbers that we saw throughout 2017 and continue to see this year. Consider that in 2013 the total asylum claims processed across Canada stood at 10,375, last year the total number of claims skyrocketed to 50,405.

We imported a small city last year and a good chunk of that, 20,593 cases, were people that simply walked across the border illegally and got into the refugee system.

The government’s response has been to put out messaging in English, Creole and Spanish warning people that claims Canada will welcome all, claims perhaps supported by a certain prime ministerial tweet, don’t actually hold up.

That plan perhaps made sense when the majority of the people crossing were Haitians but that isn’t the case anymore. Maybe because at one point the acceptance rates for Haitian claimants stood as low as 10%.

Now the main group is Nigerian and that could change soon. A website on this issue run by the government of Quebec says the five top birth countries of asylum seekers through January 2, 2018 were Haiti, Nigeria, the United States, India and Saudi Arabia.

I’d love to know what the acceptance rate for American born asylum seekers is.

Last year at this time, the warning was that numbers would only go up as the weather got warmer but now the numbers are up before it is warm.

The total number of illegal border crossers intercepted by the RCMP in January 2017 was 315, it went up to 678 in February. This year those numbers stand at 1,517 and 1,565 respectively.

We hit a peak in August of last year when the Mounties assisted 5,712 people across the border, with numbers up substantially already from last year, how high do you think we will get by summer?

This is a problem that is getting worse by the day and by all accounts the Trudeau government is not prepared to handle it. Last summer as numbers swelled people were house in Olympic Stadium, then a refugee camp, first with tents, then with portables, was set up on Canadian soil.

A refugee camp to house people “fleeing” our peaceful, welcoming and wealthy neighbour to the south.

I shudder to think what Trudeau’s answer will be this year.



  1. More people than you think are aware of the illegal immigrant problem, but we are helpless about how to deal with the problem. If one says something publicly, one is branded a racist and xenophobe.
    The “other” voice for the issue has been shut down by the Liberals. There now is only the progressive liberal way of thinking. “Freedom of speech” as we once knew, it has been stifled by the government and by the judicial system with “hate” speech laws.

    • Its not just saying something public I have contacted a local Ottawa immigrant group saying we have social service strained and our hospitals have no room and they told me I was part of the alt right which I am not.

  2. How many illegals are housed in lib mps homes and offices?
    How many of justin trudeau’s media adoring fans have accepted illegals into their homes? Surely, there are thousands of adoring reporter fans that lie to protect their man justin trudeau will be the first to open their homes and offices to justin’s illegals.

    Why must we law abiding citizens who are stretched to the limit have to endure more cost paying for these illegals?
    One thing for sure, Justin will use them(illegals) for more votes.

  3. This is ridiculous , these people have no back ground checks as to criminal activities ? They are putting our law enforcement people , Canadian citizens , and most of our young people in this country at risk . How many are human and drug traffickers bringing crime rings with gangs and criminal activities . The cost to our social services and medical is too heavy on our tax payers ? Time for the law to tell Trudeau he is irresponsible and needs to step down from Canadian politics before he has spent the country into bankruptcy . Of course he is proving this is what he and his jhadist ideology are planning .

  4. Send a bunch of newcomers to do a tough job,a job for which they’re not prepared, and this is what you end up with. And worse yet, they threw all the gender nonsense at Trump as well. He probably had enough of them.

  5. Trudeau has said he wants to change our country, and replace certain people. He is a disaster this country has never experienced before. Unless we do mass deportations under a new government, our children and grandchildren will pay a heavy price.

  6. Not ready to deal with the problem?


    “Totally incapable of dealing with it. He is a little boy doing a man’s job. And poorly at best.”

    Canada is in serious trouble and there is no way to get rid of the little boy causing that trouble.

    Remember this when you vote next time.

  7. I know about all these fake refugees and I am more than angry that they are welcomed into Canada like royalty. Stop them before they cross at these illegal ports. No more refugees from anywhere period. Our Easter Saturday newspaper had not one Easter greeting, but the front page was a fekin sob story of a ten-member Syrian muslim family who can’t find housing, father does NOT work coz no English, and they are suffering on the $6,000 a month they get on welfare/child benefits. Go back home. The mom, dad and at least one teen are able-bodied and should be fighting for their own country, not forcing the US and others to clear out ISIS and make it safe. I am also fed up with the lot of them taking food from our own seniors and impoverished at the food banks, which they used to travel all over town to get more free stuff until our Salvation workers caught on…now, local residents only. I despise these foreign freeloaders. I ensure all our food bank donations contain PORK and anything non-halal.
    I lived in several countries and you try and get in without a proper visa and you are immediately thrown in immigration jail until YOU come up with the funds for a ticket out. I am sick of us being the suckfaces of the world, along with the EU & the UK. Enough already.

  8. People who walk into the country are trying to rip off a piece of Canada for themselves. They should be transported back to their home countries promptly and the cost to Canadian taxpayers minimized.

  9. Asylum seekers from the US give me a break! You mean illegal immigrants that can’t use the US social programs have come here to drain ours! Trudeau must go!

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