Trudeau’s tour was a disaster, if you look at his words

Prime Minister Trudeau answers questions during a town hall in Winnipeg. January 31, 2018.

Given his performance during the last leg of his town hall tour, Justin Trudeau’s new nickname could be, “the master of disaster.”

In the space of a couple of days, our esteemed prime minister mansplained to a young woman on how she should speak, compared returning ISIS fighters to Italian and Greek immigrants of days gone by and told a veteran that Canada has other priorities than assisting those that put their life on the line for their country.

We heard about the rowdy crowds in Nanaimo, we heard about the protesters and we even heard a bit about the vet challenging the PM but for the rest of this it was astute, and horrified observations of everyday Canadians doing the job that the media won’t do.

First off – “peoplekind”? No one says that, ever. And yet there was Justin Trudeau virtue signalling to an earnest young progressive woman that she was not feminist enough in the use of her language because she said “mankind.”

While the mainstream media didn’t pick up and run with Trudeau’s comments — imagine if Harper had done this — the comments have been shared widely and mocked intensely.

Did you hear that even CBC’s former anchor and Trudeau date Peter Mansbridge has changed his name to Peter Peoplebridge in support of the PM?

It was a dumb comment that could be overlooked if it were not for a pattern of Trudeau proving that he speaks before he thinks, if he ever thinks that is.

Then there were the comments the PM made in an answer to a question about ISIS. A man got up to ask a question that was clearly about letting in returning ISIS fighters and Trudeau turned it into a mini-speech on how diversity is our strength and said Italian immigrants had been persecuted in the past.

The entire answer is nonsense and shows this man doesn’t know what he is talking about. Listen to how he describes Canada being settled by people fleeing persecution and being welcomed by Indigenous peoples. That is a cartoon version of the American pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock, not Canadian history. From Jacques Cartier to Samuel de Champlain to Edward Cornwallis and the Hudson’s Bay Company, Canada’s early settlement was all about finding business opportunities, or evangelizing souls, and the interactions with Indigenous peoples was mixed to say the least.

None of that matters to Trudeau, he is winding up to tell everyone that diversity is our strength.

“When Italian families settled in Montreal in the post war years, they faced terrible discrimination,” Trudeau said.

That is true and so is true that those immigrant communities contributed greatly to Canada but that wasn’t the question. The question was about returning ISIS fighters.

Trudeau wants to reintegrate ISIS fighters, a highly unpopular policy and one that isn’t supported by security agencies or the facts. So he twisted his answer and in doing so linked every immigrant group to a sick and twisted ideology that will not support diversity in Canada but will attack it with bombs, guns and knives.

Then there is Trudeau’s interaction with a retired member of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Cpl. Brock Blaszczyk blasted Trudeau for paying off Omar Khadr while fighting veterans in court to keep payments lower.

Blaszczyk wanted to know how Trudeau could speak so highly of vets while short changing them.

“What veterans were you talking about? Because you have ISIL or ISIS members coming into a reintegration program, you did a back door deal with Omar Khadr with not even stepping into the court room. What veterans were you talking about Was it the ones that fought for the freedoms and values you so proudly talk about or the ones that fought against?”

“I was prepared to be killed in action. What I wasn’t prepared for, Mr. Prime Minister, is Canada turning its back on me,” Blaszczyk said.

Trudeau’s answer was truly gobsmackingly stupid.

“Why are we still fighting against certain veteran’s groups in court? Because they are asking for more than we are able to give right now,” Trudeau said.

This from a man whose government had just promised $59.5 million to fund schools in far off Burkina Faso, a government that gave $372 million in loans to Bombardier even thought the company said they didn’t need it, and wastes money like none I have ever witnessed. This prime minister was telling a vet that lost his leg and would have sacrificed even more that the government of Canada didn’t have enough money for him.

I get fighting vets is a losing proposition for any government but Trudeau had promised to do more for them, to stop fighting vets in court and here he is saying that there isn’t enough money for them.

Outraged Canadians have been pointing to our foreign aid largesse to show that there is the money, it just goes to higher priorities. I don’t blame them.

This tour was supposed to put Trudeau in touch with everyday Canadians, to show he understood them. His answers on these and other issues clearly shows how out of touch he is. For the sake of all peoplekind, I wish Trudeau and the Liberals would just stop.


  • A great article as usual,and I agree Brian,I wish he would just shut up and go away,the sooner the better

    • Let him do more town halls. His mouth and lack of intelligence will be his undoing. I read an article from the UK and watched Fox News and they reported on this. He is letting the world know his stupidity.

  • “Peoplekind”? Now he’s making up words. It is clear to me that he had no understanding of the intelligent question this “woperson” was asking, so created this diversion. God help us all.

  • Sorta proves that he is out of touch, isn’t ready and will never be ready… He’s’ not here for Canadians and never was…

  • I wonder if he corrects anyone’s French? But he is on a role after the changes to the anthem (was peoplekind even used once in those parliamentary debates?) and of course the summer jobs attestation. But he has his supporters. One question on a grant application to a Ukrainian Canadian community organization I had to answer was “how does your project aim to implement gender equality?” Either here is an example of compelled speech or self-censorship with terms that are so fluid the PM creates them and they have the force of law. He creates words because there is a belief that, in the absence of objective reality, government has the power to create and change reality.

  • I think it’s time we kept a running tally of Trudeau’s spending on a website or Facebook page somehow. Anyone with tech experience know how we could do this and/or have the information sources? Or maybe this is already available? If we have the information to keep their toes to the fire we would have the information to influence the good ship CANADA to steer towards calmer, safer waters.

  • Brian, I think we should do a go fund me for more tours, but this time with adults in the room.

  • It is a good thing that he goes public like this, to show real Canadians what a jerk he is. Butts must be wondering what to do with him? He can’t let him speak in Question Period, and he can’t let him speak at town hall meetings…he can’t send him on trade missions. Maybe he can send him on another holiday to the Agha’s Oh man, er…I mean Oh person…that didn’t work either did it.

  • Spot on Brian. PM Trudeau is more in love with the sound of his own voice and screwed up vision of what his little elitist left wing brain thinks is best for all. What he actually belives is in such a minority in this country (I believe that anyway) that all the BS and blather he spouts is running out of steam. The citizens and thus voters of this country will hopefully wake up and run this spoiled little boy out of office next general election. Then comes the really hard part, fixing the financial and perhaps as damning, the social disasters he will have wrought by then. WAKE UP CANADA, TRUDEAU IS JUST A PRETTY FACE WITH GREAT HAIR…and a very smart PR machine that put him in office

  • Although we don’t know all the details re: the veteran who attended the town hall session with Trudeau, what is crystal clear is that Trudeau never thanked the wounded veteran for his patriotic service but repeated twice that “the veterans are asking for more than the Canadian government can give at this time”. This disabled veteran was prepared to die for Canada! Trudeau is a national disgrace on so many fronts.

  • Hope the Conservatives will play back all these stupid comments by Trudeau during the 2019 election campaign so people will be reminded not to vote for this idiot again.

  • Don’t be too sure he won’t get in again. It won’t be by hard working Canadians who will vote him in. It will be all these fine people that he is bringing in who will vote him in. The ones that want to kill us if we don’t convert to their ways. Like take pork off the menu.

  • There is one great historic comment that fits the idiot Trudeau. It was made to Nevill Chamberlain in 1940. “You have sat here to long for any good you are doing. Depart I say and let us be done with you. In the name of God go.”

  • As long as this vacuous puppet is protected by the full gamut of Canada’s mainstream media, Canadians will have to put up with him. There is no shortage of simpletons in this country. Whatever the mainstream media think is unfortunately what they will think.

    Though it will get more and more entertaining to see the media bend over backwards to try to cover up the gaffes as they get bigger and more frequent.

  • When asked about Isis coming in he never
    Said one bloody word about Isis. Babbled
    On and on about these ppl those ppl but
    Never said one F—-ing word about letting
    In Isis fighters. This son of a bitch has got
    To go and Now !!